2022-23 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

104 Editorial Travel Website ( Travel Audio-Podcasts and Guides,Travel Audio-Radio,Travel Magazines,Travel Coverage in General Magazines,Newspapers) Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: Fodor's Travel
    Entry Title: Fodor's Travel
    Entry Credit: Rachael Levitt, Eva Morreale, Nikki Vargas, Apeksha Bhateja, Stephen Horowitz
    Judge Comment: Travelers have counted on Fodor’s to guide them around the globe for generations. Today, audiences can see, hear and almost feel their way through world-class cities as they plan their journey. The site’s featured destinations make it possible to learn about attractions, hotels, restaurants, culture and more. Travelers can compare experiences in the comment forums and keep tabs on current events through timely reporting on health and safety issues.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Fathom
    Entry Title: Fathom
    Entry Credit: Pavia Rosati, Jeralyn Gerba
    Judge Comment: Fathom brings all the best of travel to your fingertips. The site’s creative writing and exceptional photography draw you in, offering everything from hotel and food recommendations to tips for long days of sightseeing that won’t bore the kids. Fathom’s editorial team goes above and beyond to reduce the stress of traveling, reminding readers of the fun, fantastical journey ahead. Whether you’re traveling to Europe, the Middle East, Oceania or the moon (!?!), you’ll want to make this site your first stop.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: QuirkyCruise
    Entry Title: QuirkyCruise
    Entry Credit: Heidi Sarna, Ted Scull, Anne Kalosh
    Judge Comment: Cruising doesn’t have to mean midnight buffets with thousands of other sunscreen-slicked seagoers. QuirkyCruise.com introduces travelers to cruising options not often found on glossy brochures. The writing is creative and conversational, drawing in readers with tales of low-key cruising experiences on rivers and canals, cultural expeditions in the South Pacific and small-boat coastal sails.
  • Place Name: Honorable Mention
    Contestant Name: KyAnn Lewis
    Entry Title: KidTripster
    Entry Credit: KyAnn Lewis, Editor, JL Watkins, Videographer, Eliza Watkins, Teen Writer, Shellie Bailey-Shah, Founder
    Judge Comment: The addition of teen contributors to the KidTripster staff puts it in a class all its own. What better way to predict how your kids might react than to hear it from another? The site features tips and tricks for family vacations on land and sea and makes recommendations for camping, cruising and hotel stays. The recipes and video tutorials for popular Disney treats you can make at home are a nice added touch.