2022-23 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

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  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: The Atavist Magazine
    Entry Title: Alone at the Edge of the World
    Entry Credit: Cassidy Randall
    Judge Comment: It’s hard to imagine the terror, isolation and beauty described in this story, but Cassidy Randall brings it all to life with vivid storytelling. Randall weaves strong details of the Golden Globe Race and its history — what makes anyone want to sail solo across 30,000 miles of open ocean? — with the crushing, inhuman weight of expectations on a sailor singled out for her gender. For years she refused to do interviews but finally shared her story, including the value she now can see in what she accomplished, though not finishing the race.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Steve Friedman
    Entry Title: Lucky's Last Run
    Entry Credit: Steve Friedman
    Judge Comment: This is the mark of a terrific story: when you know from the beginning what is going to happen and yet can’t put the story down. Steve Friedman weaves the story lines of three characters – one a dog – into a complete, compelling narrative. With a spectacular ending, readers leave with a sense that these men have been completely changed while still picking back up the lives they left so many months and miles before.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: Mark Ellwood
    Entry Title: Alone at the Edge of America
    Entry Credit: Josh Condon
    Judge Comment: Here’s a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, even while beginning with a plane crash. In many ways, it’s the classic travel writing formula: Pick a spot, get a guide, and spend a week somewhere most of us will never go. It separates itself from contenders through visual details and solid background. Using language and theme development, writer Josh Condon knows when to back off and when to push forward.
  • Place Name: Honorable Mention
    Contestant Name: Corina Pintado
    Entry Title: Disaster at 18,200 feet
    Entry Credit: Kelsey Vlamis
    Judge Comment: Good adventure stories usually have well developed internal conflicts: me against me. This one has that, sure, but it also analyzes the conflicts (poor decisions, suspect motivations) that lead to near tragedy atop North America’s tallest peak. Readers are left to draw their own conclusions while given ample evidence of all the miscues. This is a strong narrative, but also an issue story.