2022-23 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

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  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: The New York Times
    Entry Title: Embarrassing, Uncomfortable and Risky: What Flying Is Like for Passengers Who Use Wheelchairs
    Entry Credit: Amanda Morris, Scott McIntyre, Phaedra Brown, Stephen Hiltner
    Judge Comment: This is essential reading to know what it’s really like for a person who uses a wheelchair to travel by airplane. This story derives its power from its intimacy, details, description and, above all, its watchdog approach. The result inspires equal parts outrage for an inhumane system and admiration for the tenacity of the travelers who keep getting on planes because flying brings them joy, even when it leaves them with bruises and broken bones.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Travel + Leisure
    Entry Title: Epic Scale
    Entry Credit: David Treuer
    Judge Comment: A strong, authentic voice guides this tranquil journey into a place in the far North, an “un” park in Canada that is native-owned and operated. This isn’t the kind of travel writing that necessarily results in the compulsive need to put a certain place on the proverbial bucket list. Instead, it’s an example of the deeply personal way that a certain place resonates and creates a space within us that we need to fill again and again somehow.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: Afar
    Entry Title: The Greatest Traveler You’ve Never Heard Of
    Entry Credit: Katherine LaGrave
    Judge Comment: J.R. Harris has circled the globe 13 times as a solo Black traveler, a compulsion that began on the day he graduated from college. Through more than 50 multi-week trips, he embeds with the locals to learn more about and soak in their culture. What makes this story such a pleasure to read is the skill with which the writer has captured Harris’ openheartedness, which has been his passport to places most people will never see. Says J.R.: “I’ve never been lonely when alone in the wilderness.”
  • Place Name: Honorable Mention
    Contestant Name: Emma Weissmann
    Entry Title: All for All: Planning Accessible Travel
    Entry Credit: Emma Weissmann
    Judge Comment: The devil is in the details for people with disabilities who want to travel, and travel agents need to know that to plan successful trips for people who have challenges accessing the joys that travel offers. This story hinges on smart reporting to meet the needs of the 26 percent of Americans who live with a disability. The author outlines how important it is to assess the individual’s needs to help mitigate problems and provides sources and tips for planning accessible travel.