2022-23 SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

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  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: Thomas Wilmer
    Entry Title: Exploring the Amish and Mennonite denizens of Shipshewana, Indiana
    Entry Credit: Thomas Wilmer
    Judge Comment: This entry captivates listeners from the moment it begins with sounds from the rural town. Its meticulous audio, mixing layers of natural sounds beneath excellent narration, provides listeners with the town history and a detailed look at how it became home to Amish and Mennonites. The voices of residents are the centerpiece, allowing those who live in Shipshewana to tell their stories and share what makes them proud of their community.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Annita Thomas
    Entry Title: Juneteenth - Iconic African American Stories
    Entry Credit: Annita Thomas
    Judge Comment: Juneteenth serves as a catalyst for travel that is meaningful, educational and inspirational while acknowledging and celebrating Black history. A detailed history of Juneteenth lays the foundation for the stories that unfold in two U.S. locations filled with Black history and accomplishments, Franklin, Tennessee, and the Civil Rights Trail in Alabama. Thorough, powerful commentary pairs with gripping interviews to paint a clear, accurate portrait of American history, full of people and stories that have been historically overlooked.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: Rick Steves Europe
    Entry Title: Travel with Rick Steves: “New Year's Traditions-New Orleans Originals-David McCullough Tribute"
    Entry Credit: Rick Steves, Tim Tattan, Kasmira Hall, Donna Bardsley
    Judge Comment: The snippets of different celebrations, languages and traditions make listeners feel like they’re attending New Year’s parties in different countries, all in a matter of minutes. The entry expertly transitions from the new year to New Orleans and provides a deep dive of the city, filling the entry with music, information and commentary that help bring the city to life through sound. Finally, the entry’s engaging interview with David McCullough is informative and educational. The interview style is like listening to a series of conversations among your own friends — warm and inviting — and flows between topics with ease.