The seventh annual competition was basically the same as the previous year, with 17 categories. Monetary awards remained the same: $1,000 to the Travel Journalist of the Year and $500 to the (first) runner-up, with $500 to first-place winners in other categories but no monetary prize in newspaper section and magazine categories.

Judges were faculty members at the Missouri School of Journalism, with Prof. Don Ranly, associate dean, as the coordinator.

Awards For Works Published in 1990


Grand Award — Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year
First place: Jim Molnar, The Seattle Times
First runner-up: Jerry Hulse, Los Angeles Times
Second runner-up: Charles N. Barnard, Modern Maturity

Newspaper Travel Section
A: More than 250,000 circulation
First place: The Seattle Times
First runner-up: The Miami Herald
Second runner-up: San Francisco Examiner

B: Under 250,000 circulation
No awards

Travel Magazine
A: Monthly
First place: Travel Holiday
First runner-up: Michigan Living
Second runner-up: America West Airlines Magazine

B: Non-monthly
First place: National Geographic Traveler
First runners-up (tie):
Caribbean Travel & Life

Newspaper Article on U.S./Canada Travel
First place: Bill C. Dugovich, The Seattle Times
First runner-up: Jayne Clark, Los Angeles Daily News
Second runner-up: Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

Magazine Article on U.S./Canada Travel
First place: Kim Heacox, Islands
First runner-up: Dave Mahoney, Sunset Magazine
Second runner-up: Carl Hoffman, Islands

Newspaper Article on Foreign Travel
First place: Joy Schaleben Lewis, Dallas Morning News
First runner-up: Melissa McCoy, Press-Telegram
Second runner-up: Jerry Large, The Seattle Times

Magazine Article on Foreign Travel
First place: Thurston Clarke, Travel Holiday
First runner-up: Pete Hamill, Travel Holiday
Second runner-up: Gary Krist, National Geographic Traveler

Article on Land Travel
First place: Catherine Watson, Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
First runner-up: Thomas Swick, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
Second runner-up: Janet Steinberg, Houston Chronicle

Article on Marine Travel
First place: Diane Ackerman, Travel Holiday
First runner-up: Pete Hamill, Travel Holiday
Second runner-up: Evelyn Kieran, San Diego Tribune

Consumer/Investigative Reporting
First place: Kathy Passero, Corporate Travel Magazine
First runner-up: William A. Davis, The Boston Globe
No second runner-up

Cultural Tourism Article
First place: Glenn F. Bunting, Los Angeles Times
First runner-up: Elizabeth Bibb, Islands
Second runner-up: Donald W. George, San Francisco Examiner

Reporting on Economics of Travel
First place: Laurie Berger, Corporate Travel Magazine
First runner-up: Walter Roessing, Contra Costa Times
Second runner-up: Katy Koontz, Sports Travel

Travel Book
First place: James C. Simmons, “Americans: The View From Abroad”
First runner-up: Adam Hochschild, “The Mirror at Midnight: A South African Journey”
Second runner-up: Richard Bangs, “Whitewater Adventure: Running America’s Great Scenic Rivers”

First place: Edward Guiliano, “The Best of New York”
First runner-up: Elizabeth Harryman and Paul Lasley, “Honeymoons: A Romantic Travel Guide”
Second runner-up: Rachel Jackson Christmas, “Fielding’s 1991 Hawaii”

Black/White Travel Photo
First place: Wilton S. Tifft, Travel Holiday
First runner-up: Marjorie Rice, San Francisco Examiner
Second runner-up: Kit Kittle, The New York Times

Color Travel Photo
First place: Jose Azel, National Geographic Traveler
First runner-up: Bill Luster, National Geographic Traveler
Second runner-up: Russell Kaye, Travel Holiday

Destination Travel on TV, Radio or Videocassette
No awards

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