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The SATW Foundation sponsors the annual Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition, each year honoring outstanding work with more than $25,000 in monetary prizes and awards. The Foundation pays for judging of entries done independently by faculty members at an acclaimed university school of journalism.

To fund the competition, the non-profit Foundation relies on contributions, which are tax-deductible as noted below. The Foundation operates through contributions from individuals, companies and other entities. Gifts also may be given to honor business associates and friends.

The Foundation is tax-exempt under Section 501 [c] [3] of the Internal Revenue Service Code; all contributions are deductible under Section 170 [c] of that code.

Contributions may be mailed to the Foundation administrator or use PayPal below:

Victoria Larson
SATWF Administrator
501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2108
New York, NY 10017

Direct inquiries to Foundation administrator, Victoria Larson via email

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Society of American Travel Writers Foundation TOP SUPPORTERS

In this ever-morphing world of communications, vibrant branding has become ever more critical for travel destinations and providers. Affiliating with the venerated Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards is a signpost to consumers, competitors and colleagues that your organization supports the highest standards for yourself and others. Being a Top Supporter shows solid backing for the recognition of high-caliber travel journalism, helping to increase the quantity, as well as quality, of print, broadcast and social media space and time devoted to the travel industry’s products.

Now more than 30 years old, the Foundation’s annual competition honors the best each year in writing, multimedia presentation and visual communication in travel journalism. Unlike some other competitions, the Lowell Thomas contest is judged independently by leading communications schools, who sift through submissions from hundreds of U.S. journalists whose work has appeared that year in top U.S. magazines, newspapers and e-publications.

We have three levels of Top Supporters:


Annual contribution of $40,000 for three years ($120,000), or $50,000 for one year.


Annual contribution of $20,000 for three years ($60,000), or $25,000 for one year.


Annual contribution of $5,000 for three years ($15,000).

Gold Supporter

The sustainability of the annual SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition is supported by a generous contribution from Gold Supporter, CARNIVAL CORP., the world’s largest cruise company. Its portfolio of cruise brands includes Carnival Cruise Line, Cunard, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and Seabourn. Dedicated to annually providing great vacations to millions of passengers, the brands sail more than 90 ships to over 700 ports worldwide. The CARNIVAL CORP. contribution helps make the competition monetary prizes possible and supports the future of high-quality travel media.

Silver and Bronze Supporter levels are available


We welcome inquiries from travel organizations, companies and individuals. We can work with you on an individualized plan of support. Please contact Catharine Hamm , SATW Foundation president, ( for further information.

Saluting Our ‘30 Partners for 30 Years’

In 2014, the SATW Foundation celebrated the 30th anniversary of its prestigious Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition. For another 30 years and more, we aim to continue fulfilling our mission to support, celebrate and sustain excellence in travel journalism that serves the public.

Annually the SATW Foundation awards more than $25,000 in prize money to journalists for outstanding work in travel journalism. We raise this money through donations, which are tax-deductible.

In celebration of our 30th anniversary and to help ensure the future of the Lowell Thomas Awards, we launched a “30 Partners for 30 Years” campaign, seeking 30 Partners to give $1,000 each. All donations went toward funding the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition.

We are pleased to recognize the following individuals, companies and groups for becoming 30-30 Partners in support of the annual competition. The Foundation Board of Directors expresses sincere appreciation to each donor.

Thank You to Our Partners for Sustaining Excellence in Travel Journalism.

Our “30-30” Supporting Partners

A “BIG Thank You” to these individuals 
who support the “30-30” Program


SATW Groups

Martha W. Steger
Freelance Writer/Editor
Member since 1986
Marco Polo honoree
SATW Foundation Director
Peter Fitzsimons
Executive Director
Petoskey Area Visitors Bureau, MI
Member since 1999
SATW President’s Cup
Cynthia Boal Janssens
Editor, Chief Blogger
Member since 1980
SATW Past President
SATW Foundation Trustee
Mary Lu Abbott
Editor Emeritus, Where to Retire
Member since 1980
Marco Polo honoree
SATW Foundation Administrator
SATWF Lowell Thomas award winner
Robert Haru Fisher
Editor, Fisher Publications Inc.
Member since 1963
SATW Past President
SATW Foundation Trustee/Past President
Carol W. Fowler
Freelance Writer
Member since 1992
SATWF Lowell Thomas award winner
Past SATW Foundation Director
Tom Adkinson, APR
VP, Director of Communications
BOHAN Advertising
Member since 1987
Marco Polo honoree
SATW Foundation Director
Dave G. Houser
Houser Travel Writing & Photography
And Jan Butchofsky
Travel Photographer
Members since 1981/94
Houser: Past SATW Foundation Director,
SATWF Lowell Thomas award winner
Larry Bleiberg
Larry Bleiberg Editorial Services
And Liliane J.M. Opsomer
Deputy Director/Media Relations
Tourist Office for Flanders-Brussels
Members since 1997/96
SATW Foundation Director/Trustee
Bleiberg: SATWF Lowell Thomas award winner
Donation made in memory of Liz Bleiberg.
Neil and Judith Morgan
Neil: Senior Editor/Commentator
Judith: Freelance Writer
Members since 1972/75
Neil: SATW Foundation Director
Judith: SATWF Lowell Thomas award winner
Stuart G. Newman
President, Stuart Newman Associates
Member since 1960
Marco Polo honoree
SATW Foundation Director
Jeanne Westphal
Jeanne Westphal Associates
Member since 1966
Marco Polo honoree
Past SATW Foundation Director
John D. Macdonald
Travel Editor Emeritus
The Seattle Times
Member since 1985
SATW Foundation Trustee
SATWF Lowell Thomas award winner
Robert N. Jenkins
Freelance Writer
Member since 1991
Marco Polo honoree
SATW Foundation Director
SATWF Lowell Thomas award winner
Len Barnes
Editor Emeritus, Michigan Living
And Karen Lingo
Members since 1960/74
Barnes: SATW Past President,
SATWF Founding Director Emeritus
SATWF Lowell Thomas award winner
David G. Molyneaux
And Fran Golden
Cruise and Travel Editor/Writer
Members since 1989/2012
SATW Foundation President
SATWF Lowell Thomas award winner
Paul Lasley
Executive Producer/Editor
On Travel Media
And Elizabeth Harryman
Travel Editor
Westways Magazine
Members since 1985/87
Both SATWF Lowell Thomas award winners
Lasley: SATW Foundation Director
Chairman, SATW Western Chapter
Jane Wooldridge
Executive Business Editor
The Miami Herald
And Elliot Gillies
President, Gillies & Zaiser
Members since 1993/2000
Both SATW Foundation Trustees
SATWF Lowell Thomas award winner
Gillies: Marco Polo honoree
Marcia Levin
Freelance Writer
And Heidi M. Allison-Shane
CEO, Shane and Shane Inc.
Members since 1995/06
Levin: SATW Past President


Lafayette Convention
and Visitors Commission
Benjamin J. Berthelot
Executive Director
1400 NW Evangeline Trwy
Lafayette, LA 70501-2829
Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations
Nancy J. Friedman
Member since 1982
Lou Hammond & Associates
Lou Rena Hammond
Member since 1984
Laura Davidson Public Relations
Laura Davidson, President
Leslie Cohen, Executive Vice President
Members since 1988/89
Detroit Metro Convention
& Visitors Bureau
Renee Monforton
Director of Communications
Member since 1997
Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau
Paul W. McCallum, Executive Director
Michael W. Woody, Asst. Exec. Director
Woody: Member since 2012
Geoffrey Weill Associates
Geoffrey Weill
Member since 1979
Cheryl Andrews Marketing Communications
Cheryl Andrews
Member since 1993
Sheila Donnelly & Associates
Honolulu & New York
Sheila Donnelly Theroux

SATW Groups

SATW Central States Chapter
Combo Partnership

The following donors combined for a Partnership totaling $1,020.
Vickie Ashford
Mary Bergin
Kimberly Chapman
Michael Frome
Tom Griffith
Mary Hendron
Betsa Marsh
Diana Lambdin Meyer
Ami Simpson
Annette Thompson
Patricia Winn Wood
Kansas City Convention & Visitors Assoc.
Chicago Area SATW Gang
With the leadership of Katherine Rodeghier, the following group combined donations
for a Partnership totaling $1,520.
Kit Bernardi
Terri Colby
Elaine Glusac
Richard C. Griffith
Frank Klicar
Randy Mink
Karen Torme Olson
Katherine Rodeghier
Alan Solomon
Jerry Soverinsky
Skip Strittmatter
Gail Todd
Susan B. Ward
Todd Wessell
Patricia Wood Winn
Casey Sachs Communications
Donna K. Smith Public Relations
SATW Eastern Chapter
The chapter has donated $1,000 to be a Partner.
SATW Western Chapter
The chapter has donated $1,000 to be a Partner.
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