This year, the newspaper travel section category added a one-time special award for Best Post 9/11 coverage in travel. Judging was done by members of the journalism faculty at the University of Florida, with Assistant Professor Ted Spiker serving as coordinator. A record 1,470 entries were received. In the following list of winners, numbers in parentheses denote number of entries in that category.

Awards For Works Published in 2001-2002


Category 1: Grand Award — Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year (52)
Gold: Wayne Curtis, freelance journalist, Eastport, ME
Silver: Chris Welsch, Travel Editor, Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Bronze: Toni Stroud, reporter, Chicago Tribune

Category 2: Newspaper Travel Sections (31)
2A — Newspapers with 500,000 or more circulation
Gold: The Dallas Morning News, Larry Bleiberg, Travel Editor
Silver: The Boston Globe, Joe Yonan, Travel Editor
Bronze: Chicago Tribune, Randy Curwen, Travel Editor

2B — Newspapers with 350,000-499,999 circulation
Gold: The Orange County Register (Santa Ana, CA), Gary Warner, Travel Editor
Silver: The Sun (Baltimore), Bruce Friedland, Travel Editor
Bronze: The Seattle Times, Terry Tazioli, Travel Editor

2C — Newspapers with 200,000-349,999 circulation
Gold: The Times-Picayune (New Orleans), Millie Ball, Travel Editor
Silver: The Charlotte Observer, John Bordsen, Travel Editor
Bronze: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Libby Smith, Travel Editor

2D — Newspapers under 200,000 circulation
Gold: Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL), Katherine Rodeghier, Travel Editor
Silver: The Record (Hackensack, NJ), Jill Schensul, Leisure Editor
Bronze: The Gazette (Colorado Springs), Linda DuVal, Travel Editor

Category 2: Newspaper Travel Sections Special Award – Post 9/11 Coverage (17)
Gold: The Washington Post — “Now What?” 9/16/01, “Coming Back” 9/23/01, “Over There” 11/18/01 — K. C. Summers, Travel Editor
Silver: USA Today — “The New Face of New York” 9/21/01, “Leave the Driving to Bus” 9/28/01, “Terminal Confusion” 10/12/01 — Veronica Stoddart, Travel Editor
Bronze: (tie)
San Francisco Chronicle — “What’s Next?” 9/16/01, “Rethinking the Journey” 9/23/01, “Where Do We Go From Here?” 10/07/01 — Christine Delsol, Travel Editor 
St. Petersburg Times — “Guns, Guards and Fear Now Part of Our Flight Plans” 9/16/01, “A Changed World: Now What” 9/23/01, “Flight Paths” 9/30/01 — Robert N. Jenkins, Travel Editor

Category 3: Magazines (25)
2A — Travel Magazines
Gold: National Geographic Adventure, John Rasmus, Editor-in-Chief
Silver: Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, Arthur Frommer, Editor-in-Chief
Bronze: National Geographic Traveler, Keith Bellows, Editor

2B — Travel Coverage in Other Magazines
Gold: Yankee, Michael Carlton, Editor
Silver: American Way, Elaine Srnka, Editor
Bronze: Coastal Living, Kay Fuston, Editor

Category 4: Newspaper Article on U.S./Canada Travel (124)
Gold: Gary Gately, “Gateway to America,” The Sun (Baltimore)
Silver: Tom Uhlenbrock, “Cold Reality,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Bronze: Chris Welsch, “The Mississippi in Minnesota,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

Category 5: Magazine Article on U.S./Canada Travel (103)
Gold: Rosanne Haggerty/Cait Murphy, “The Erie Rising,” American Heritage
Silver: Brian Payton, “Grizzlies in the Mist,” Canadian Geographic
Bronze: Laurence Gonzales, “Beyond the End of the Road,” National Geographic Adventure

Category 6: Newspaper Article on Foreign Travel (88)
Gold: Alan Solomon, “The Majesty and Mayhem,” Chicago Tribune
Silver: Carol Pucci, “Backstreet Bruges,” The Seattle Times
Bronze: Will Kern, “Babysitting: My Day as a Booster Chair,” The Straits Times

Category 7: Magazine Article on Foreign Travel (82)
Gold: Rand Richards Cooper, “Berlin’s Big Moment,” Bon Appétit
Silver: John A. Lukacs, “America’s Venice,” American Heritage
Bronze: David Noland, “Lear-ing,” Sky

Category 8: Newspaper Photo Illustration of Travel (29)
Gold: Cindy Yamanaka, “Tokyo’s Time,” The Orange County Register (Santa Ana, CA)
Silver: Chris Walker, “Great Lakes, Great Islands,” Chicago Tribune
Bronze: Benjamin Brink, “Cultural Exposure,” The Oregonian (Portland)

Category 9: Magazine Photo Illustration of Travel (60)
Gold: Ami Vitale, “A Walk on the Style Side,” enRoute
Silver: Catherine Karnow, “Island of the Senses,” National Geographic Traveler
Bronze: Andrea Artz, “Greetings from Planet Tokyo,” Travel Holiday

Category 10: Special Projects (45)
Gold: “The New Classics,” Travel & Leisure, Barbara Peck, Executive Editor
Silver: “Snapshots From Airports,” Chicago Tribune, Randy Curwen, Travel Editor
Bronze: “Essential National Park” series, National Geographic Traveler, Keith Bellows, Editor
Honorable Mention: “Pac-10 Towns,” Gary Warner, The Orange County Register (Santa Ana, CA)

Category 11: Self-Illustrated Article (103)
Gold: Bob Friel, “Orient Expression,” Caribbean Travel & Life
Silver: Eugene Garcia, “Point and Shoot…Wherever,” The Orange County Register (Santa Ana, CA)
Bronze: Ernie Mastroianni, “Journey to Antarctica,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Category 12: Land Travel Article (63)
Gold: Steve Casimiro, “The Classic Baja Road Trip,” National Geographic Adventure
Silver: Dave Hogan, “Life in the Slow Lane,” The Oregonian (Portland)
Bronze: Allen Holder, “Making Tracks Through Alaska,” The Kansas City Star

Category 13: Marine Travel Article (57)
Gold: Bob Friel, “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Merlot,” Caribbean Travel & Life
Silver: Ron Cobb, “Cruise Control,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Bronze: Robert Cross, “An Island in an Uncertain World,” Chicago Tribune

Category 14: Adventure Travel Article (70)
Gold: Robert Earle Howells, “The Teachings of Gerineldo ‘Moises’ Chavez,” Outside
Silver: Paula Bock, “Overturned Underwater,” The Seattle Times
Bronze: Tom Clynes, “Blue Mountain Mystery,” National Geographic Adventure
Honorable Mentions:
Todd Jarrell, “Cape Crusaders,” Hemispheres
Laura Bly, “Shark Controversy Roils the Waters,” USA Today

Category 15: Travel News/Investigative Reporting (29)
Gold: Laurence Gonzales, “Land of the Lost,” National Geographic Adventure
Silver: Chris Woodyard, “Fliers Fume Over Planes Treated With Pesticides,” USA Today
Bronze: Mike Tidwell, “The End Is Near,” The Washington Post

Category 16: Service-Oriented Consumer Article (89)
Gold: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution News Staff, “How to Use the Web to Plan Your Vacation”
Silver: Donald D. Groff, “Landing a Good Parking Space,” The Philadelphia Inquirer
Bronze: Gene Sloan, “Life in the Fast Lane,” USA Today

Category 17: Environmental Tourism Article (52)
Gold: Mel White, “Fighting Fire with Fur,” National Geographic Traveler
Silver: Mel White, “River Rafting at Ground Zero,” National Geographic Traveler
Bronze: Craig Neff, “Taming the Dragon,” Via

Category 18: Cultural Tourism Article (96)
Gold: Gary Krist, “Beyond Little Italy,” National Geographic Traveler
Silver: Alison DaRosa, “Valley of the Damned,” San Diego Union-Tribune
Bronze: Catherine Watson, “Bhutan — Almost Shangri-La,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Honorable Mentions:
Janet Forman, “Harlem Hot Again,” The Oregonian (Portland)
Daniel Wood, “Meat Me in Texas,” enRoute

Category 19: Personal Comment (125)
Gold: Alison Wright, “If I Can Only Breathe,” Outside
Silver: Elliott Neal Hester, “Skin Deep,” National Geographic Traveler
Bronze: (tie)
Stan Belland, “The Art of Lining Up,” Hemispheres 
Michael Yessis, “Traveling in Watercolor,”

Category 20: Travel Books (36)
Gold: Christopher P. Baker, “Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro’s Cuba,” National Geographic Society/Adventure Press
Silver: Christiane Bird, “Neither East Nor West: One Woman’s Journey Through the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Pocket Books Hardcover/Simon & Schuster
Bronze: Erika Warmbrunn, “Where the Pavement Ends: One Woman’s Bicycle Trip Through Mongolia, China and Vietnam,” The Mountaineers Books

Category 21: Guidebooks (49)
Gold: Jan Friedman, “Eccentric America,” The Globe Pequot Press
Silver: Donald Olson, “England for Dummies,” Hungry Minds
Bronze: Lee Foster, “Northern California History Weekends,” The Globe Pequot Press

Category 22: Internet Publication/Website (11)
Gold:, National Geographic Traveler, Heather Morgan, Online Editor
Silver:, Michael Yessis and Jim Benning, Co-editors
Bronze:, Anchorage Daily News, Leon Unruh, Online Editor

Category 23: Internet Travel Article (34)
Gold: Don George, “Impression: Sunrise at Uluru,”
Silver: Ron Wurzer, “America, Welcome,”
Bronze: Amy Gulick, “Wilderness or Wasteland? A Trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,”

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