With the 17th annual competition, the SATW Foundation significantly increased the prize money, awarding $19,850 to winning journalists. For the Grand Award, Gold place now earns $1,500, Silver $750 and Bronze $500. Individual categories added $250 for Silver and $150 for Bronze, in addition to the $500 already being given for Gold. No monetary prizes are given for the Newspaper Travel Section, Magazine or Website categories.

The Newspaper Travel Section category added a fourth circulation division, for those with less than 200,000 circulation. Others are for 200,000-349,999; 350,000-499,999; and 500,000 and up.

The Magazine competition divisions were changed to Travel Magazine and Travel Coverage in General and/or Special-Interest Magazine.

Judging was done by members of the journalism faculty at the University of Florida, with Prof. Diana Tonnessen serving as coordinator.

Awards For Works Published in 2000


Category 1: Grand Award — Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year
Gold: Harry Shattuck, Houston Chronicle
Silver: Tom Uhlenbrock, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Bronze: Gary Warner, The Orange County Register (Santa Ana, CA)
Honorable Mention:
Ron Cobb, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Larry Bleiberg, The Dallas Morning News
Jane Wooldridge, The Miami Herald

Category 2: Newspaper Travel Sections
2A — Newspapers with 500,000 or more circulation
Gold: The New York Times, Nancy Newhouse, Travel Editor
Silver: The Seattle Times, John Macdonald, Travel Editor
Bronze: Chicago Tribune, Randy Curwen, Travel Editor

2B — Newspapers with 350,000-499,999 circulation
Gold: The Orange County Register, Gary Warner, Travel Editor
Silver: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Howard Pousner, Travel Editor
Bronze: St. Petersburg Times, Robert N. Jenkins, Travel Editor

2C — Newspapers with 200,000-349,999 circulation
Gold: Los Angeles Daily News, Eric Noland, Travel Editor
Silver: The Times-Picayune (New Orleans), Millie Ball, Travel Editor
Bronze: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Libby Smith, Travel Editor

2D — Newspapers under 200,000 circulation
Gold: The Tribune (San Luis Obispo, CA), Marilyn Bauer, Travel Editor
Silver: The Record (Hackensack, NJ), Jill Schensul, Travel Editor
Bronze: None

Category 3: Magazines
3A —Travel Magazines
Gold: Arizona Highways, Robert J. Early, Editor
Silver: National Geographic Traveler, Keith Bellows, Editor
Bronze: Caribbean Travel & Life, Bob Morris, Editor-in-Chief

3B — Travel Coverage in Other Magazines
Gold: Sport Diver, Pierce Hoover, Editor
Silver: Coastal Living, Michael Carlton, Editor
Bronze: Diversion, Tom Passavant, Editor-in-Chief

Category 4: Newspaper Article on U.S./Canada Travel
Gold: Gary Warner, “LA Confidential,” The Orange County (CA) Register
Silver: Jill Knight Weinberger, “Cradle of a Political Dynasty,” The New York Times
Bronze: Alan Solomon, “Land of Lincoln,” Chicago Tribune

Category 5: Magazine Article on U.S./Canada Travel
Gold: Andrei Codrescu, “Spirits of New Orleans,” National Geographic Traveler
Silver: Brian Payton, “The Depths of Walden Pond,” America West
Bronze: Wynn Horn, “Between Sea and Sky in Vancouver,” Travel Etc.

Category 6: Newspaper Article on Foreign Travel
Gold: Marc Ramirez, “Cuba: ‘Es Dificil’,” The Seattle Times
Silver: Alan Solomon, “Trekking Nepal,” Chicago Tribune
Bronze: Marilyn Bauer, “Luxury on the Rails,” The Tribune (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Category 7: Magazine Article on Foreign Travel
Gold: Robert L. Strauss, “Cuba Libre!” San Francisco Examiner Magazine
Silver: David Lansing, “City of the Sea,” National Geographic Traveler
Bronze: Jürgen Scheunemann, “Berlin Reborn,” Hemispheres

Category 8: Newspaper Photo Illustration of Travel Article
Gold: Mark Avery, “China, A Nation on the Edge of Forever,” The Orange County Register
Silver: Elizabeth Flores, “Havana: Faces of a City Caught in the Past,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Bronze: Betty Udesen, “Easygoing Charm — Copenhagen,” The Seattle Times

Category 9: Magazine Photo Illustration of Travel Article
Gold: Ken Kochey, “Roman Holiday,” National Geographic Traveler
Silver: Brooks Walker, “Essential Helsinki,” National Geographic Traveler
Bronze: Jim Richardson, “The Magical Tides of Brittany,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 10: Special Packages/Projects
Gold: Robert Sibley, “A Pilgrim’s Way on the Camino de Santiago,” The Ottawa Citizen
Silver: The Miami Herald Staff, “New York: Night in the City,” The Miami Herald
Bronze: “Best Vacations: Your Complete Midwest Trip-Planning Guide,” Midwest Living, Dan Kaercher, Editor-in-Chief

Category 11: Self-Illustrated Article
Gold: Eugene Garcia, “Northwoods Encounter,” The Orange County (CA) Register
Silver: Chris Welsch, “Angkor Wat: Where Stone Smiles,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Bronze: Paul Schmid, “The Art of Travel,” The Seattle Times

Category 12: Article on Land Travel
Gold: Alan Solomon, “Land of Lincoln,” Chicago Tribune
Silver: Eric J. Lyman, “The Road to Machu Picchu,” Hemispheres
Bronze: Larry Bleiberg, “Stepping Out: Marathon Tour Captures New York Highlights,” The Dallas Morning News

Category 13: Article on Marine Travel
Gold: Rita Ariyoshi, “Antarctica: Breaking the Ice,” Via magazine
Silver: Bruce Grierson, “Cape Crusaders,” Travel Etc. magazine
Bronze: Jane Wooldridge, “Dirt Cheap on the Muddy Nile,” The Miami Herald

Category 14: Article on Adventure Travel
Gold: Jeff Rennicke, “The Search for Perfect Beauty,” National Geographic Traveler
Silver: Ken McAlpine, “Peru on the Run,” American Way
Bronze: Jeff Greenwald, “Blazing the Trail to Shangri-La,” National Geographic Adventure
Honorable Mention:
Laura Bly, “Survive This,” USA Today
Dan Morrison, “Rappelling Down to the River,” Southwest Airlines Spirit

Category 15: Travel News/Investigative Reporting
Gold: Betsy Wade, “After Premier, Refund Routes,” The New York Times
Silver: Gary Stoller, “Air Safety Penalties Jump 80%,” USA Today
Bronze: Betsy Wade, “Renaissance Loses Insurers,” The New York Times
Honorable mention: Kitty Bean Yancey, “Fliers are Lighting Up Without Consequence,” USA Today

Category 16: Service-Oriented Consumer Article
Gold: Chris Welsch, “The Wild, Wild Web,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Silver: Shelby Gilje, “Just in Case,” The Seattle Times
Bronze: Emily Yellin, “Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun,” Coastal Living
Honorable Mention:
Carol Pucci, “Dollars & Sense,” The Seattle Times
Linda DuVal, “Non-Stop Hops,” The Colorado Springs Gazette
Laura Bly, “Here Are the Keys to Online Booking,” USA Today

Category 17: Environmental Tourism Article
Gold: Jonathan B. Tourtellot, “The Tourism Wars,” National Geographic Traveler
Silver: Jeannie Kever, “Myths and Heroes,” Houston Chronicle
Bronze: Brian Courtney, “Fragile Future,” Sport Diver magazine

Category 18: Cultural Tourism Article
Gold: Adam Hochschild, “India’s American Imports,” The American Scholar
Silver: Lee Svitak Dean, “Passport to Friendship,” Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Bronze: Gwynne Dyer, “Rock of Ages,” enRoute magazine

Category 19: Personal Comment
Gold: Gary Warner, “Seven Deadly Sins,” The Orange County (CA) Register
Silver: Patrick Withrow, “Honk If You Love Florida,” The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Bronze: Jane Wooldridge, “A Woman from the West Plays Geisha for the Afternoon,” The Miami Herald
Honorable Mention:
Douglas McArthur, weekly business travel column, The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Larry Bleiberg, travel column, The Dallas Morning News
Jill Leach, “Earning (and Spurning) Her Wings,” The Orange County Register

Category 20: Travel Book
Gold: Tom Miller, “Jack Ruby’s Kitchen Sink: Offbeat Travels Through America’s Southwest,” National Geographic Society
Silver: Bob Phillips, “Texas Country Reporter,” The Globe Pequot Press
Bronze: William Ecenbarger, “Walkin’ the Line: A Journey From Past to Present Along the Mason-Dixon,” M. Evans and Co.

Category 21: Guidebook
Gold: John Grant, “Great American Railway Journeys,” The Globe Pequot Press
Silver: Gary McKechnie, “Great American Motorcycle Tours,” John Muir Publications
Bronze: James Bernard Frost, “The Artichoke Trail,” Hunter Publishing

Category 22: Internet Publication/Website
Gold:, Scott McNeely, Web Publishing Manager
Silver:, Mark Morris, Senior Editor
Bronze:, Sharon Dodd, Editor

Category 23: Internet Travel Article
Gold: Marilyn Bauer, “This Side of Paradise,”, Environmental News Network
Silver: Richard Bangs, “Adventure Travel: Tales of Hard & Soft,”
Bronze: Candyce Stapen, “Anaheim Slide Show/Anaheim Attractions,”
Honorable mention: Jeff Biggers, “Rank Strangers,” Atlantic Unbound (web only, Atlantic Monthly)

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